Scavenger Land | NFT / DeFi Game

Space Western multiplayer tactical game inspired by the NFT world.

You Are On
Your Own

After thousands of years of expansion, The Coalition lost all political control. Isolated groups of scavengers search through The Cluster, hoping to collect a rare energy source, the Cold Crystals. With no one left to settle disputes, they find themselves on the verge of conflict.

Play to Earn,
Discover Rare Items

Lead your group of scavengers into a strategy battle. Collect rare weapons, character identities and accessories and build your skill level as you defeat your enemies.

Game Governed
by Its Players

The gameplay is designed around collectible items all of which are registered as non-fungible tokens owned and openly traded by players. More options for community contribution and ownership are in early development stage.

Do Not Miss
the Genesis Drop

Don’t miss the upcoming genesis drop. Receive the first MintPass and one of three exclusive items only available through the pre-sale. Owners of genesis items will receive extra rewards in future.