We are a growing team of experienced designers and engineers based in Prague, Czech Republic.

The project was developed under the umbrella of STRV Labs. STRV is a software design and engineering team that has been building next level digital products since 2004 for partners ranging from startups to enterprises, including ClassDojo, Microsoft, Barry’s, Barnes & Noble, The Athletic, Autodesk and many more. Visit STRV website to learn more.

Meet the Team

  • Martin Stava (Co-Founder, CEO)
  • Pavel Zeifart (Co-Founder, Art Director)
  • Jan Tomanek (3D Artist)

Scavenger Land uses an Ethereum compatible second layer network Polygon. This solution allows us to build a gas-free marketplace as well as enable fast transactions. All game items are ERC-1155 based non- fungible tokens and thus can be traded on marketplaces like OpenSea.

All game items are ERC-721 non-fungible tokens and thus can be traded on marketplaces like OpenSea.

We rely on Chainlink as a source of tamper-proof randomness when performing operations like unpacking pre-sale bundles, revealing exclusive items, etc.

At no point are developers able to predict or influence which items are distributed to which users. All team members and partners will mint in open market with the public (no items reserved for promotions).

MintPass is a token that provides to its owner an exclusive right to mint future NFTs. This approach helps to reward the early community members.

MintPass system has been introduced by the Pixel Vault team. Check out their projects PUNKS Comics and MetaHero Universe.

No way! While all game items can be traded – including the rare ones – you cannot buy yourself a victory.

Powerful weapons and objects can only be handled by scavengers with a matching or higher skill level. You can only improve your skill level by playing and winning, and there will be plenty of opportunities to collect equally powerful objects along the way for free. The rarest items are of cosmetic value.

The rarest items are of cosmetic value.

For each trade between players, Scavenger Land receives a trading fee of 7.5% of the purchase price. 3rd-party marketplaces like OpenSea might add their charge on top of that (usually 2.5%).

Our main goal with the pre-sale is to kickstart a community of early adopters, future players, beta testers and enthusiasts.

One of the many great things blockchain brings into gaming is an opportunity for early adopters to be properly rewarded for their support by holding unique items that can be traded later on.

All revenue collected during the pre-sale goes into the development of the game, crafting more items, prototyping new game mechanics, building effects and so on.

We are grateful for your support!

We believe in web-based NFT games, no need to download anything. This is how we will support any device with a web browser and a big enough screen to enjoy the gameplay (PCs, Macs and tablets).